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Some more colour shots from the Nikon J1..

15 juni, 2012



From → Vardag

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  1. Darrel Birchall permalink

    Hi, i love the colours!… are these jpegs or have you edited them?

  2. Hi, i’m interested in the Nikon 1 are these jpg colours? or processed in lightroom/Pshop?

    • Hi, I always shoot in Raw (Nef) and process the files. Then I open the images in PS do the final dodging/burning/color correcting. If theres a colour that dont look the way I want it to, I just change it, so, as I have always said, you can shoot with any camera as long as you have a good raw-file to work from, the equipment doesnt really matter. 🙂
      There are no cameras yet that can handle different lighting condition without alot of work on the files. So dont fool yourself, no matter what camera you buy, the jpegs will never be good enough. For example, if you are shooting jpegs with a FF camera, the only thing you gain compared to a Nikon 1 is shorter depth of field.

  3. thanks, i really like the colours you are getting. The blues are great!


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