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The Nikon J1 just keeps on making me drop my jaw..

30 maj, 2012

Sooooo many people are missing out on this sweet, fast little gem of a camera just because of the crazy ”the bigger sensor the better”-mantra that people have been screaming out on the internet, but you cant compare the Nikon 1 system to a dslr. I think more like its a Panasonic-LX5 killer, with interchangable lenses and MUCH better image quality, AND you get the worlds fastest Autofocus. 🙂

Look at the very nice greyscale-tones in the images below for example, many people on the internet states that the image quality is on par with the Nikon D200. And thats NOT BAD for a camera this size.

Please click on the montage to see it bigger.

Nikon J1


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